Wake Forest Dehumidification Systems

Control North Carolina's Humidity

Humidity is a fact of life in North Carolina, making summers sweltering and winters clammy and cold. That doesn’t mean you have to endure humidity. Mechanical HVAC Services installs and maintains Raleigh, NC residential or commercial dehumidification systems that will keep your space at an ideal, comfortable humidity level.

Too much humidity in can cause more problems than just discomfort. Indoor humidity, from commercial indoor pools or inclement weather, is damaging above 50% when it can encourage mold and bacteria growth, and can even ruin clothing, documents and other property. Don’t let humidity put you in a sticky situation.

Beat the Raleigh-Durham Humidity

Our expert Wake Forest HVAC technicians will be able to give you a humidity solution perfectly suited to your needs. They have experience working on Dectron, Desert Aire and PoolPak brands of dehumidification systems.

The dehumidification services we offer include:

  • Assessing the extent of your humidity problem
  • Designing a dehumidification systems to your needs and specifications
  • Installing commercial and industrial dehumidification systems
  • Servicing and maintaining dehumidification systems
  • Repairing broken dehumidifiers and replacing them when needed
  • Industrial and commercial dehumidification systems

We also offer dehumidification maintenance and repair services to homes that have commercial dehumidification systems.


  • Dectron Systems
  • DX Systems
  • Poolpak Systems
  • Desert Air Systems

Mechanical HVAC Services are proud to use our 30 years of HVAC experience. Today, we still serve the Triangle, including Cary, Chapel Hill, RTP, Apex, Clayton, Wake Forest, Morrisville, Hillsborough, Knightdale, Holly Springs, and Carrboro, NC.

Contact our Wake Forest HVAC technicians today to find out more about our North Carolina humidity control and dehumidification systems.